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Benefits of membership

Membership in RIA Intl. provides an opportunity to show your organisation's commitment to responsible investments and build a strong network of asset owners, asset managers and other organisations that share the same values and ambitions within responsible investments

All members of RIA Intl. may be part of and influence the development of the ESG4Real by participating in:

RIA Intl. working groups that work on questions regarding e.g. ESG4Real Standard development, certification process and activities of RIA Intl.

Collaboration forums and seminars held by RIA Intl., which provide an opportunity to communicate with relevant asset owner

RIA Intl. annual general meeting where questions related to ESG4Real standard development and activities of RIA Intl. are discussed and decided

Ordinary members will also be entitled to:

  • Use the ESG4Real Standard and trademark (in relation to capital licensed/certified)
  • Vote at the annual general meeting
  • A potential opportunity to sit in the Election committee of RIA Intl.
  • A potential opportunity to sit in the Executive board of RIA Intl. which is appointed by the annual general meeting

Membership types

Membership in RIA Intl. is available for asset owners that aim to become ESG4Real-licensed and asset managers that aim to become ESG4Real-certified. Other types of organisations, e.g. NGOs and service providers, that share the values and objectives of RIA Intl. may also become members if approved by the board of RIA Intl.

(Please note that private individuals may not become members in RIA Intl.)

Two primary types of membership are available, depending on type of organisation:

Licensed asset owners and certified asset managers. Other organisation types, e.g. NGOs and owners of RIA companies, may become ordinary members if assessed eligible by the board of RIA Intl.

Other organisations, e.g. service providers, auditors and lawyers

Application form

Please note that membership is open to organisations only (not private individuals)


Organisation name and contact details:

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